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The Villages Democratic Club


June 10 Meeting

9:30 am, Colony Rec Center

Amy Weintraub will be

our featured speaker from Floridians Protecting Freedom

Amy is one of the leaders of Floridians Protecting Freedom the statewide abortion rights ballot initiative campaign. FPF is striving to get a constitutional amendment to “Limit Government Interference with Abortion" (attached) on the 2024 ballot. If passed, such a measure will ensure that Floridians have the freedom to make their own personal health care decisions without interference from politicians.

Raising the Debt Ceiling

We All Need to Take Action!

We need the debt ceiling raised NOW before it is too late. At the same time, we should have good faith negotiations between the GOP and the Democrats on the federal budget. We should not couple the debt ceiling with the budget negotiations, otherwise, this will happen every time we need to raise the debt ceiling. 

McCarthy is willing to default on our debts, paralyze the nation’s economy, reduce critical social programs (such as Medicaid and veterans benefits), undermine our climate change fight with short-sighted, fossil-fuel-first policies, and threaten the clean energy boom that is creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs nationwide. Maybe we should start with the tax reductions to billionaires and millionaires, approved by Congress during the Trump presidency, that accounts for 25% of the current debt.

Please take a couple of minutes to write (or call) your congressmen, senators and the White House.  We've made it easy for you -

CLICK HERE for their contact info

CLICK HERE to get a sample letter

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