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Ash Marwah for State Representative for District 33

Website: AshFor33

CLICK HERE to donate to Ash Marwah's campaign

If you'd like to help Ash Marwah get on the ballot, please download the ballot petition, fill it in and send it to the following address -

534 Thistledown Way

The Villages

FL 32162

For your convenience the file contains 2 copies of the petition.

Download Petition

Hi, my name is Ash Marwah. I am running for State Representative in District 33. I am a Civil Structural Engineer by profession. I have been married to Shashi for 47 years. We have 3 sons. They are all married, have children, and live in different cities around the country.

We moved to The Villages 5 years ago and I promised myself that I would not get involved in politics. Then came the 25% tax increase in our Sumter County Ad Volarem taxes. I was glad to see that there was a rebellion and all 3 incumbent County Commissioners were defeated. Our new County Commissioners tried to undo this 25% tax increase. They imposed a 70% increase in Impact Fee on the Developer for new construction in order to reduce our taxes. This increase in Impact Fee represented the true cost of development to Sumter County. The Developer, with the help of our own Representative Brett Hage changed the Florida State Law under HB337 to limit the Impact Fee increase to 12.5% this year.

Now we are paying the balance 70 -12.5 = 57.5% of the increase in Impact Fee.

Since 2019 we have been contributing towards that cost by the 25% increase in our taxes in Sumter County and we will continue to contribute to it in coming years, YEAR AFTER YEAR.

Brett Hage is President of T & D Distribution, Inc. and he is our Representative in Tallahassee and yet the Developer values his work so much that they paid him $350,000 for part time work.

In short, my Opponent does not represent the interests of the Voters who put him in office. He represents the interests of the Developer who paid him $350,000 in 2021. It is time to remove Brett Hage from office and that is why I am running for State Representative in District 33.

I will also work to expand Affordable Care Act in Florida. Such expansion will benefit 800,000 Floridians to be able to afford healthcare.

I plan to work on eliminating Voter Suppression laws in Florida. A true Democracy should have 100% of the people going to polls and electing their Representative.

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