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Message from "Indivisible"

Wednesday, December 30, 2020 7:24 AM | Bryan Casey (Administrator)

Following message was received by email from "Indivisible." We are sharing it here for your information. Enjoy!

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We’re back with another installation of our IndivisiStories series -- emails we’re sending this month that spotlight our favorite stories to tell about the tenacity and power of the Indivisible movement. If you need to catch up, you can find the rest of the stories on our Medium account. 

This week, we’re highlighting the role The Indivisible Truth Brigade played in the victories we’ve seen this year and how we’re calling on you to lead in our ongoing commitment to fighting Trumpism.

Indivisibles vs. Trumpism

After four years of sweat, tears, and organizing grit, Indivisibles helped make Donald Trump a one-term president. Trump won't be in the Oval Office come January 20, but he and his cronies have made it clear that he’ll keep a strong grip on politics. Trumpism is an approach embraced by GOP politicians all over the country and is a byproduct of Trump's appeal to far-right populism and white supremacy. 

We know getting rid of Trump isn’t enough. Here’s an example of how our movement has already laid the groundwork for reclaiming our power and reinventing American democracy:

Indivisible Truth Brigade 

Trumpism has been able to survive because of Trump’s consistent attacks on the truth. That’s where the Indivisible Truth Brigade comes in: our program to mobilize volunteers to effectively combat democracy-destroying Trumpian disinformation. Truth Brigade members formed a disciplined task force to share unified and personalized messaging, and, recently, to also report back on harmful disinformation. 

Launching as part of our Windivisible election campaign, Truth Brigaders have stepped up to share personalized, simple, and consistent messaging, using the hashtag #truthbrigade, both online and offline. In just 3 months, Truth Brigade has grown to include a broad membership base from all over the country with 3,600 individual users on Twitter and over 1650 Slack channel members. On Twitter alone, the program boasts 94 posts per day on average with 11.3K total posts and 50.2 million views. 

For example, Truth Brigaders are currently personalizing and sharing a version of this message to counter disinformation about the COVID-19 vaccination:



We have no plans to stop combating Trump’s lies, especially since we suspect he will never let this election go. If you’d like to get involved, here's our signup form to join the Brigade. 

How to defeat Trumpism? Let The People Lead

We attribute the victories we saw this year to activists and supporters, like you, who called, texted, organized, and resisted to make sure our priorities were heard. And now, even in the face of disinformation, voter suppression, and downright hate, everyday people are still committed to showing up and flexing their power. 

The people led us to victory, now we’re asking them to do it again. 

We’re calling our 2021 mobilizations "The People Lead" because we’ve seen what happens when everyday people realize this country is supposed to work for them. We have big goals -- all connected to transformational reform and our fight against Trumpism. If we hope to achieve our progressive priorities, our members of Congress need to know that we won’t stand for their entertaining of any lingering Trumpism. We demand bold action that will begin to undo the harm of the last four years and address the systemic issues that made it possible. Indivisibles are already getting organized; join them by getting involved with our The People Lead Week of Action from January 11 to January 15:

We’ll be sharing more details about The People Lead, as well as releasing a new Indivisible Guide to help steer your mobilizations, in the days following the Georgia runoff election. We also have more stories to share, so make sure you’re following us on social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You can also receive updates by texting the word ‘Indivisible’ to 977-79. 

In solidarity,
Indivisible Team

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