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Hillary and Penny

Penny Hain, a former NPR Producer/Director,  is one of our members and she “fired me up” with her feedback on a recent email we sent to her. Here is the gist of what she said:

If we lose the 2016 White House, Senate and House, we can say goodbye to any future gains for the disabled, aged, minority groups, folks less fortunate than ourselves, the environment and the list goes on … In fact, we stand to lose our gains of the past 50 years because a new republican conservative Supreme Court, President and Congress will prevail. This is a frightening prospect.

Like Hillary said- it takes a Village. Our translation is It TAKES YOU. We need you at our meetings and we need you to help prevent the conservative take over of our country!  Bob Janson, President


The ALEC Bunch This video focuses on how a bill becomes a law ALEC-style. To see how the process works in real life, view an investigative report by an Atlanta TV station. It exposes ALEC's Influence on Georgia Legislators (and subsequently) its laws.
A Story of PRIVILEGEThe Pencilsword: On a plate Friday 22nd May 2015  Click here to see how the lives of each of these children is affected at each stage of development by PRIVILEGE in our society. Also see a related article "Study Proves U.S.
Obama Curtails Military Armament of PoliceObama Bans Some Military-style Equipment Provided to Police Monday, 18 May 2015 06:40 AM In a surprise announcement coming nine months after police in riot gear dispelled racially charged protests, President Barack Obama is banning the federal government from providing some military-style equipment to local departments and putting stricter controls on...
Senate Approves Fast-Track for TPPSenate Approves Fast-Track for TPP Trade Proposal By Paul Kane, The Washington Post 23 May 15 resident Obama won a big victory for his trade agenda Friday with the Senate’s approval of fast-track legislation that could make it easier for him to complete a wide-ranging trade deal that would include 11 Pacific Rim nations.
Not in My Back Yard ....Exxon CEO Now Concerned About Local Fracking Impacts…In His Community   By Dr. Walter Brasch Rex W. Tillerson, a resident of Bartonville, Texas, like many of his neighbors was upset with his city council. That’s not unusual. Many residents get upset at their local governing boards.
Sanity Check!These are just a few cartoons that may cause us to question our sanity!        Note: click on the images for a clearer version.
Cliff's Notes on the Affordable Care ActThere are ten “titles” in the law, each dedicated to a different part of our health care system. Title I is “Quality Affordable Health Care for All Americans” This is the most important and widely discussed part, as it deals with health insurance. It is a very complicated section. It is important to understand how insurance will change.
Hostile Atmosphere for ACA in Florida“The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much.  It is whether we provide enough for those who have little."  Franklin Roosevelt It’s hard to imagine a more politically hostile atmosphere for the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) than Florida.
Hillary Announces ... Now It's Time to Support HerHILLARY ANNOUNCES NOW, IT'S TIME TO SUPPORT HER ... This video will help as it illustrates how to deal with those of the opposite party who tend to bash her and every other value Democrats stand for.
Time to Put a Woman on Our CurrencyWomen On 20s, with your help, aims to compel historic change by convincing President Obama that NOW is the time to put a woman's face on our paper currency. With over 256,000 voters casting ballots over the last 5 weeks, Americans have chosen which of the 15 inspiring American women heroes will go on to the Final Round of voting.



By popular demand, Dem Recipes, the favorite recipes from the Pot Luck Dinner



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Thursday May 28
7:00 p.m.
Duval Democrats
Barb Shipley


Saturday June 13
9:15 a.m.
Democratic Club Meeting
Colony Recreation Center


Saturday June 13
Time and Course TBD
Love Dem Golfers


Tuesday June 16
5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Blue Crew on the Square
Sumter Landing


Wednesday June 17
5:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Blue Crew on the Square
Spanish Springs


Saturday June 20
9:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Blue Crew on the Square


Tuesday June 23
9:00 a.m.
Breakfast with Democrats
Tierra Del Sol Country Club