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We cannot forget, nor let the voters forget, that most advances in America since the 1920s (with a few exceptions) were thanks to the Democratic Party and were OPPOSED by the Republican Party. The Democratic Party represents progress. You can be a

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  There are several ways that you can participate as a member of the Villages Democratic Club. We offer regular meetings, a Women’s Group, Sunday Discussion Forums, Breakfast With Dems and Love Dem Golfers. We look forward to seeing you soon.


We work to solve a wide range of issues that affect you, your family and our community. We strive to make life better for ALL Americans.    Affordable Care Act   There are ten “titles” in the law, each dedicated

Helpful Links

Here you will find links that will help you find helpful Democratic websites and links to your government representatives. Bookmark this page, for future use,  to make it easy for you to communicate with your state and national representatives.  

Fact Checking

It is becoming more and more difficult to find factual information on the internet. Here we have provided you with several helpful sites that will allow you to avoid fake news and check facts before you share information, statistics and news.

News Sources

This is a collection of news sources that we’ve found to be reliable. We do suggest that you perform a fact check on any controversial articles before you shares. These selections are good sources for current news and opinions.    

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When millions of people stand up and fight...they win.

Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator

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