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SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

The meeting starts promptly at 9:45 am at Colony Cottage Recreation Center at Morse Blvd and 466A. Doors open at 9:15 for registration and social. Please wear your 2015 member badge for quick entry.

PROGRAM  – Candidate Val Demings

Val DemingsVal Demings, Top Cop and Top Candidate is one of our most dynamic new Democratic leaders, admired and respected throughout Florida and the nation. Val is considered a best hope for bringing intelligence, common sense and decency to Washington.

According to POLITICO 365, Demings has easily emerged as a top candidate in the race to win a House seat.  Florida’s status as a swing state mixed with what promises to be a competitive Presidential race means that the Demings’ campaign should attract a large number of voters to the polls.

Val will be discussing The Political Climate for 2016 – Are We Ready?” and the work of the Florida L.E.A.D Task Force (Leadership Expansion to Advance Democrats) commissioned by the Florida Democratic Party. We are honored to welcome back Val for a return visit to our Club meeting.

Due to limited seating this meeting is only open to Villages resident Democrats and like-minded Independents.

DID YOU KNOW? The Villages is promoted as a Republican stronghold. Yet 30% of the registered voters in The Villages are Democrats and 16% are registered Independents. Put another way, there are upwards of 17,000 registered Democrats residing in the Villages! Our Villages Democratic Club with 1,200 + members is one of the largest and most active in the state of Florida.

HELPING THOSE IN NEED Club members are asked to donate food and/or money to the Christian Food Pantry of Lady Lake. Items currently needed are: cereal, peanut butter, canned fruits, canned vegetables and canned meats.

LENDING LIBRARY We should back in business for the meeting. So feel free to add to or take from our library of books that have a political point of view. No cost. No check out. No need to return the items.

DEMOCRATIC “WEAR” It is still the best deal in town at $20 for caps, tee shirts and golf shirts..

See you on Saturday the 12th.


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