August 2  2 - 4 p.m. Leesburg Public Library 100 E. Main Street, Leesburg JUDICIAL MEET & GREET


The Villages / Tri-County Area 

The public is invited to take this opportunity to meet and greet judicial candidates whose names will appear on the August Primary Nonpartisan Ballot for Lake County Court, County Circuit 5 / Group 3 which includes Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties, and the 5th District Court of Appeals which includes Lake, Marion and Sumter Counties.

Light refreshments will be served. For further information, please contact Kathy Hansen at 352 350-7317 or [email protected].

The League of Women is a nonpartisan organization and neither endorses or opposes political parties or candidates. Membership is open to women and men 18 years or older.

Slide 5July 30th – is the 49th Anniversary of Medicare.

For 49 years, Medicare has provided guaranteed health benefits that help lift seniors and people with disabilities out of poverty.  Today, Medicare benefits over 50 million Americans, more than half with incomes under $23,000 who could not afford health care without it.

NCPSSM is celebrating the anniversary by making sure that Congress preserves and strengthens these earned benefits.  The Ryan Budget passed the House in April would end traditional Medicare.

You can help us celebrate by calling or writing to Congress and asking them to join you in marking the anniversary by working to preserve our benefits.  If Medicare has already helped you or a loved one, tell your story of why it is so important to you.

Call Congress:             1-800-998-0180
Write to Congress:   www.ncpssm.org/MedicareAnniversary
Share your story:      If you have a story about how Medicare has helped you and your family
let us know: [email protected] 






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