By Pearl Kleinberger

By now, you have surely seen the pictures. Cowards carrying tiki torches marched through the streets of Charlottesville and the University of Virginia, chanting racist and anti-Semitic slurs. Make no mistake: This was an act of domestic terrorism by those who feel emboldened by President Trump, his election, and the administration he’s installed.

I spent the weekend thinking about the Jewish practice of tikkun olam, repairing the world. While they preach hate, we must all be watchmen for everything that our American flag stands for.

Our future will be defined by people like Heather Heyer, who died last weekend fighting for what she believed in, standing up for inclusion in the face of hatred. Our future will be written by our heroes, first responders like Lieutenant Cullen and Trooper Bates, who worked to keep Charlottesville safe.

Our future will not be defined by a president who sees “many sides” to the violence in Charlottesville, nor by those who brought their hatred to Virginia.

Instead, together, we’ll “repair our world” in a quest for peace. We will stand together to bend the arc of the moral universe towards justice. From the vigils across the country this week, to the long and noble work of pursuing our righteous American values of inclusion and empathy within our communities, I know there’s a long path ahead of us. But together we can make the world a better place.

No, Webster. This is NOT a Christian world!

I am a Jew!

My father spent five years in Auschwitz. He lost his parents, sisters and a 9-month-old baby niece!

He came to this country in 1947 without knowing English, without skills (since the Nazis interned him at the age of 14) and a new wife.

They broke every bone in his ankles and wrists.

He had no money when he came to America.

He kissed the ground when he came to Ellis Island.

He called the day he landed on American soil his birthday.

He took NO money or help from anyone.

He paid for his daughter to go to college.

Congressman Webster, you are a hoax!

When I went to your listening session you called educators, “Pencil pushers!”

This land is for Jews, Muslims and people of all faiths and colors!

You are not my representative and trump is not our president!

Shame on YOU!

A Response to Congressman Webster