I’m posting this summation with permission from the author: Thank you for sharing that video with people who were not at the event yesterday. I hope it gave people a better idea of how this really went down. Here is another video showing exactly what happened (quality is not as good but it is unedited so you can see the true timing of how things unfolded): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TO7mInXJfw0
We were extremely polite and gracious toward the congressman. Then it became apparent that the entire event was a sham and a stunt. The congressman used us for a photo op. I am SO thankful a few people finally spoke up at this “meet & greet” once it became clear that the congressman had no intention of meeting nor greeting any of us. The small amount of yelling only started after many people had politely requested to ask a question. He ignored us as if we were not even there.
Amid all the calls for decorum, don’t mistake the congressman’s meek and mild demeanor for respect. He showed us the ultimate disrespect yesterday. We were respectful of Webster; we gave him the benefit of the doubt and golf-clapped throughout his short presentation. Once people caught on that his plan was to ignore and dismiss us, a few raised their voices. Please, if / when you see anyone claiming that the congressman ran out to escape out of control “protesters” post a full video of what really happened to refute that false narrative.
While I agree that there is no place for profanity, vulgarity, or violence in our movement, we need to compromise and not expect every single member of our movement to express themselves in exactly the same way. When we are being ignored and disrespected by someone elected to serve us, there is a place for raising our voices in order to be heard. I see so many fractures already in our very young movement, let’s not perpetuate this disunity over the volume of peoples’ voices. It takes all kinds.
Kate G


A look at how CD 11 feels about Rep. Webster 2.21.17
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