SUNDAY, MARCH 26, 2017



This is in response to a recent letter to the editor.  I attended a recent meeting held by the Democratic organization.  There were tables set up for people interested in tutoring at local schools, anyone interested in the environment, human rights, state politics, etc.  There was not a single table for those interested in violence or assassinations.

The writer’s inference that organizations like this are hotbeds of violent radical assassins is wrong.  I met and talked with many concerned, informed people who hold opinions apparently opposing those of the writer.  That’s how democracy works.

We can openly hold differing opinions and are allowed, thus far, to express those opinions – even in the form of demonstrations, if we choose.  Surely the writer must realize that the few masked protesters who periodically show up at demonstrations are paid to be there by the opposition to discredit the majority of peaceful protesters.  If not, then congratulations, you’ve been successfully manipulated.

I might also suggest that regressives give far more credence to the opinions of celebrities than do the progressive left or moderate Democrats.  The writer does leave me speechless with expressed fear that the progressive left plans to assassinate anyone in the current administration.  That vitriolic hyperbole deserves no comment.

I will also suggest that the writer’s opposition to a local organization that has shown no violence but merely holds differing opinions demonstrates intolerance and misunderstanding of true democracy.  This writer has no intention of spreading the fear, hate and intolerance, as shown in the recent letter.
Kim Lee

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Kim Lee 3.26.17 in The Villages Daily Sun