Let’s Make America Great Again Unless You Are Old, Poor, Hungry or a Kid In School.

Philip Bump, writing for the Washington Post broke down Trump’s 2018 budget proposal showing the real-life implications for Americans. Admittedly, these are worst case scenarios but they still reflect how these policies will change the fabric of our democracy. For the full article CLICK HERE.

The first thing you notice when you wake up is that it’s cold. It’s unseasonably cold for March, sure, but it’s also colder in the house than it should be. The winter was long and heating oil is expensive — and although the government used to provide assistance with the heating bills, that support ended when the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program was cut. The house could use better insulation, too, to hold in the heat, but an upgrade like that is expensive, and the government program to assist with weatherization was cut, too. You’d happily move, but affordable housing is in short supply and cuts to a federal affordable-housing program means that you’re not moving up the Habitat for Humanity wait list anytime soon.

Take time today to call your Senators and Representative and let them know how you feel about the Trump budget proposal.

Let’s Talk About How The 2018 Trump Budget Proposal Will Effect You and Your Family
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