Honeybaked offers food for purchase at their stores across the country and at their online site. They sell not only hams but also a wonderful array of main dishes, sides, desserts, plus…The DEC will receive 20% of all ONLINE gift card purchases made on this DEC link:
How Does the Fundraiser Work?
1. Order Honeybaked Gift Cards ONLINE at the unique fundraiser link*
2. Select the amount and number of cards you want.
3. Gift cards will be sent to you in about 10 days -(this time frame could increase as we get closer to the holidays)- so BUY NOW.
4. The gift cards can be used for both online and in store purchases.
      …..best of all, Honeybaked sends us 20% of the total online sales. ( It’s rare to find a 20% corporate contribution for a fundraiser! You get the full value of your purchase and the company still sends 20% of the total order to the DEC!!)
Need gifts for the upcoming holidays? Try using Honeybaked gift cards as a thank you for the folks who do your landscaping, newspaper deliveries, etc.
Anyone can participate. Ask your family and friends to use the link too.
Any questions? Email or call Helen at helenkelly2009@gmail.com or at 703-599-9576.
Remember: cards MUST BE PURCHASED ONLINE at the DEC link in order to be included in this fundraiser.