“Thank you for letting me speak to you about Sumter County Animal Services.

First, I would like to invite you to come to the Sumter County Commissioners meeting tonight. (11/28/2017) It’s being held at Colony Cottage Rec Center at 5:00 PM

I have a short time to tell you what we are up against. I won’t get it all in, but if you go to Shelter Reform for Sumter County on Facebook, you can see what we are trying to do. Our Shelter kills over 40% of the pets that come into the shelter. Those are our pets. They make no real effort to find the owners. They will not allow us to come into the shelter except for one half hour on Thursday morning and only three people are allowed in for a tour. This is illegal as this is a county facility.

In order to get into the shelter, you have to go to the Humane Society and be escorted back to our shelter. They will not call someone from the Humane Society to come over… I have been in twice and was only allowed to see a few dogs. They have dogs in other parts of the shelter and in the barn that for various reason we are not allowed to see. They also will not allow us to take picture of the pets. This makes it hard for us to help to find the owners.

They are required by law to post intake photos on the same day the animals are brought in. This is not being done and when it is, its done by the Humane Society. Our County Shelter is the only shelter that I know of that does not have a webpage to post intake photos so we can find our pets. They will not allow volunteers to come it, so there is no transparency. We have documents of animals that people have turned in being told they would be rehomed and were killed on intake. We have talked to the people who were in shock to hear their beloved pets were killed.

Bradley Arnold wrote in a text to someone that euthanasia was their way of “culling the population” of the animals in our county. The shelter has an exclusive partnership with the Humane Society, of which I will be talking about this evening at the meeting. I believe I will show how it’s the partnership that is in fact part of the problem. The county shelter tried to stop me from finding the owners of your pets. They wanted Community Watch to call them instead of me when a pet was found. THAT was when I knew there was a problem.

The Sumter County Commissioners have sold our water out from underneath us. They have voted against any new medical marijuana dispensaries opening, even though the residents of Sumter County voted 46,691 for and 28,716 against. When people living outside of The Villages asked for sandbags while preparing for Irma, they were told NO… it would only give them a false sense of security! Now, to my point. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir when I say we need to vote out the county commissioners. The caveat is… No one runs against them. Without an opponent, they simply laugh at us. I know someone who is going to run against Steve Printz. But we have two coming up for election in 2018, Doug Gilpin and Garry Breeden. Without anyone to run… we can’t win. Game over! EVERYONE needs to be looking for that person to run! This isn’t rocket science. Believe me. I go to the meetings. They make a good buck for a part time job.”

Angie Fox – Lost Pets of the Villages, and Sumter County Shelter Reform